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Quaker Hill CT House Cleaning: At Connecticut House Cleaning we are dedicated to serving Quaker Hill home owner’s and business owner’s with our professional cleaning services. Our maids are skilled will be sure that any messes in your living space is perfectly cleaned and you can also be sure that you will be greatly satisfied with the end result of our cleaners services provided to you.

House Keeping Quaker Hill CT

Our Cleaners take great pride in the way they clean houses. If you decide to choose basic cleaning as the services you would like our cleaners to provide for you, they will clean your kitchen making sure your kitchen sink, microwave, appliance exteriors, cabinet drawers and counters will be well sanitized and spotless as well as mop floors and even load your dishwasher. Our maids will sterilize your bathrooms cleaning it with great quality products or even Eco-friendly products.

Maids for Hire Quaker Hill CT

The cleaners will clean the bathroom sink, counters, disinfect toilets, tubs and showers, polish fixtures, mirrors as well as washing and disinfecting the bathroom floor. You can count on Connecticut House Cleaning to make sure you come home to a nice, clean and tided up bedroom. To picking up and straightening up your room to dusting sills, ledges, wall hangings, vacuuming floors, carpet, stairs, under beds, emptying trash and even changing your linen’s and make your bed! Now, if you would like to go with our other great service that we offer, extreme cleaning is also available. It will all be the same as what we offer for basic. Plus, we offer Cleaning inside the stove, cleaning inside the fridge, clean inside cupboards, removing items from shelves then dusting, vacuum furniture, wash interior windows and dust any knickknacks! We also provide move in and out services and make sure your place is in shape for your landlords standards. Are you in need for a pre/post party clean-up? Our cleaners can take care of that! Need to get rid of construction dust? We can also take care of that for you. Connecticut House Cleaners can save time and money for you. Contact us today and will we be sure to supply you with great satisfaction for you and your family.

Home or Office Cleaning Quaker Hill CT

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Basic Clean

  • Clean Sink
  • Clean Appliance Exteriors
  • Clean Inside Microwave
  • Clean Range Top
  • Damp Wipe Cabinet Drawers
  • Wipe Counters
  • Wash Floor


  • Clean Sinks, Counters, Change Towels
  • Clean, Disinfect Toilets, Tubs and Showers
  • Clean, Polish Fixtures and Mirrors
  • Wash and Disinfect Floors

All Rooms

  • Pickup and Straighten
  • Dust Sills, Ledges and Wall Hangings
  • Dust and Vacuum Furniture
  • Vacuum Floors, Carpets and Stairs
  • Vacuum Under Beds
  • Change Linens, Make Beds
  • Empty Trash
  • Clean Entry Window and Patio Doors


Extreme Clean

Same as basic, plus

  • Clean Inside Stove
  • Clean Inside Fridge
  • Clean Inside Cupboards


Same as basic, plus

  • Remove Items From Shelves and Dust
  • Dust All Knickknacks
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Wash Interior Windows

All Rooms

Same as basic, plus

  • Remove Items From Shelves and Dust
  • Dust All Knickknacks
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Wash Interior Windows
  • Remove Cobwebs

We Also Provide..

Post Construction 

Renovations? New Home? We can assure you we can get rid of construction dust with our professional post construction cleaning services.


  • Clean Carpets
  • After Party Clean-ups
    -Feel free to make a list of tasks